The Parish Church of Saint Matthew Big Lamp ~ Newcastle
Baptism   (often   called   Christ ening”,   because   in   Baptism we   are   made   people   of   Jesus   Christ )   is   the   rite   (=a   mixture of   words   and   ceremonies)   by   which   a   person   is   made   a member    of    the    Church.        Put    simply,    in    response    to    a commitment   of   faith   the   candidate   is   washed   with   water   as a   sign   that   the   old   life   of   unbelief   is   washed   away.      Baptism is   one   of   the   seven   Sacraments   of   the   Church,   which   means that Christians believe it to be a serious undertaking. Anyone    who    lives    in    the    parishes    connected    with    Saint Matthew’s     or     has     an     established     connexion     with     the parishes   can   be   baptized   here.      Baptism   is   administered   in response    to    a    declaration    of    faith    and    an    intention    to reform   your   life.      For   babies   and   infants,   this   declaration   is made   by   the   parents   and   godparents.      For   adults,   Baptism is   often   administered   by   the   Bishop   in   conjunction   with Confirmation,   which   completes   the   rite;   babies   and   infants are   baptized   on   the   understanding   that   they   will   be   brought for Confirmation when they are old enough.  Babies   and   infants   who   are   baptized   need   three   godparents,   who   should   themselves   have   been baptized. Baptism   is   usually   administered   at   12.15pm   on   a   Sunday:   though   it   can   sometimes   take   place   at the   High   Mass.      If   you   would   like   to   be   baptized   or   arrange   a   Baptism   for   your   child,   please   contact the Vicar before making any other arrangements.
Jesus   came   and   said   to   the   disciples,   "All   authority   in   heaven   and   on   earth   has   been   given   to   me.     Go   therefore   and   make   disciples   of   all   nations,   baptizing   them   in   the   name   of   the   Father   and   of the   Son   and   of   the   Holy   Spirit,   teaching   them   to   observe   all   that   I   have   commanded   you;   and   lo,   I am with you always, to the close of the age." Matthew 28: 18 - 20