The Parish Church of Saint Matthew Big Lamp ~ Newcastle
Latest News                          Baptisms S James’s Day 2021
On    Saint    James’s    Day    this    year,    we    welcomed    to    Baptism    three    young    members    of    our congregations.      It   was   a   great   joy   to   be   able   to   celebrate   with   them   their   entry   into   the   life   of   the Church.      All   being   well,   they,   along   with   a   couple   of   others,   will   complete   their   Christian   initiation by their Confirmation early next year. By   chance,   we   were   joined   at   Mass   by   others;   some   were   friends   and   fans   of   the   candidates, others    were    either    former    members    of    our    congregations    now    living    elsewhere    or    frequent visitors.