The Parish Church of Saint Matthew Big Lamp ~ Newcastle
Covid in Retreat
The return of the High Mass
After   eighteen   months,   we   have made   a   big   step   forward   in   the process      of      recovering      the Liturgy   after   the   trauma   of   the pandemic.            Some      of      the restrictions   were   still   in   place, but    on    Saint    Matthew’s    Day, congregational                 singing returned,   including   hymns.         It was     a     good     day     for     Saint Matthew’s. At   the   same   time,   we   must   pay tribute    to    all    those    who    have maintained   the   Covid   versions   of   the   Liturgy.      People   have   risen   to   new   challenges   and adapted   themselves   in   a   wonderful   way.      Not   everything   we   have   learnt   over   the   past   year   and a half will be left behind as we continue to rebuild.
On   12 th September,   for   the   first   time   in   eighteen   months,   we   were   able   to   sing   Solemn   Evensong and Benediction.  The Office has been re-established on Sunday evenings at 4pm.