The Parish Church of Saint Matthew Big Lamp ~ Newcastle
The    benefice    comprises    two    parishes:    i.    Newcastle,    S    Philip    &    S    Augustine;    ii.    Newcastle,    S Matthew   with   S   Mary   the   Virgin.      Each   parish   is   governed   by   a   Parochial   Church   Council   PCC).     The PCCs are:
The Vicar is the chairman of both PCCs.
The Churchwardens sit ex officio on their respective PCC.
The Secretary for both PCCs is Mrs Margaret Evans. The Treasurer for Saint Matthew’s is Miss Andrea Black; for S Philip’s, please contact the Vicar. The   Deanery   Synod   Representative    for   S   Philip’s   is   Mrs   Alma   Miller;   and   for   S   Matthew’s,   Mr Aidan Evans and Mr Eric Reid The Safeguarding Officer  for both PCCs is Mrs Margaret Evans.
In addition, there are Ordinary Members  of the PCCs: S Philip : Miss Margaret Redhead S Matthew:  Mr Nicholas Brown, Miss Anne Walker
The    Parochial    Church    Council    is    a    body    corporate    (PCC    Powers    Measure,    1956)    constituted    in accordance   with   the   Church   Representation   Rules   2006;   it   is   a   charity   excepted   from   registration with the Charity Commission.