The Parish Church of Saint Matthew Big Lamp ~ Newcastle
The Church Hall
During    the    Summer    of    2016,    Saint    Matthew’s    Church Hall    was    completely    refurbished.        It    is    available    to    be used   by   members   of   the   community   for   a   moderate   fee.     The    Hall    is    adjacent    to    Saint    Matthew’s    Church    in Summerhil Street. The   principal   room   is   the   main   hall.      This   is   a   spacious area     with     a     sprung floor.      It   is   served   by three    lavatories    with the         easy         access lavatory     (and     baby- change) located directly off the hall.  Adjacent   to   the   hall   is   the   Campbell   Room,   which   can   serve   as an   ancillary/preparation   room.      Between   the   Campbell   Room and the main hall there are two hatches. At   the   East   end   of   the   Hall   is   a   Soft-play   facility.      This,   too,   has   been   refurbished.      Use   of   the   Soft- play   is   governed   by   rules   displayed   next   to   the   structure.      In short, it is only suitable for young children. The   Campbell   Room   is   available   to   be   used   on   its   own   for   a reduced    fee.        The    room    is    suitable    for    meetings    and    small events.  The tables and chairs can be removed. Both   rooms   are   well-lit   and efficiently    heated    when    the need   arises.      The   main   hall comfortably     accommodates 50   –   75   people   and   has   several   tables   and   40   chairs.      Additional chairs are kept in the Campbell Room.