The Parish Church of Saint Matthew Big Lamp ~ Newcastle
                         In Harmony December Concert 2021
On   Thursday,   9 th    December,   we   were   very   happy   to   be   able   to   welcome   back   the   young   people   of the   In   Harmony   Orchestra.      It   was   an   excellent   concert   with   a   wide   variety   of   music   (Danse Macarbre,   themes   from   James   Bond   (an   amazing   trombone   solo)   and   Harry   Potter,   as   well   as   a bit   of   Abba,   which   seemed   to   chime   with   a   particular   demographic   element   of   the   audience.   It was   good   to   see   so   many   of   the   young   people   had   returned   after   the   past   eighteen   months   -   even if   they   were   a   lot   taller.      The   folks   who   work   with   them   have   done   a   superb   job   pulling   the enterprise   hack   together.      The   audience   was   also   excellent   (not   least   since   the   previous   day   the new   restrictions   had   been   announced);   and   it   was   good   to   be   able   to   welcome   the   Lord   Mayor amongst them.  Further visits are planned for 2022.