The Parish Church of Saint Matthew Big Lamp ~ Newcastle
The Building - The Lady Chapel
Moving    round    from    the    Chancel,    we    encounter    the    Lady Chapel;   the   lady   in   question   being   Mary,   the   mother   of   Jesus -   often   known   as   "Our   Lady.".      Mass    is   said   here   on   some weekdays.        The    Altar    sits    in front      of      a      riddel      curtain brought     to     Saint     Matthew's from    Saint    Mary's    Rye    Hill.      Hidden,      mercifully,      by      the curtain    are    some    cupboards, but     above     them     and     visible from     the     chapel     is     another Kempe    window    depicting:    (in the   main   panels)   Saint   Agnes, Our   Lady,   Saint   Michael;   and   (in   the   small   panels   at   the   base)   The Annunciation, The Nativity, The Visit of the Magi. The    Altar    furniture    was    designed    by    Canon    David    Hinge    and executed by Arthur Barnaby. At   the   entrance   to   the   chapel,   on   the   pillar   is the Shrine of our Lady. Hanging   on   the   wall   is   a   picture,   which   is   a copy   of   The   Adoration   of   the   Shepherds    by   the Dutch     artist     Gerrit     van     Honthorst     (1590- 1656).      The   original   hangs   in   the   Galleria   degli Uffizi, Florence.