The Parish Church of Saint Matthew Big Lamp ~ Newcastle
Latest News                          Corpus Christi 2021
On   Corpus   Christi,   for   the   first   time   in fifteen         months,         we         celebrated Benediction   at   Saint   Matthew’s.      Choir, servers    and    priest    needed    to    search their    memories;    but    both    servers    and choir    did    an    excellent    job;    and    it    was good   for   us   to   be   able   to   participate   in Benediction again. Benediction    of    the    Blessed    Sacrament involves   placing   the   consecrated   Host   in which   inheres   the   Presence   of   Christ   on the    Altar.        It    is    an    opportunity,    as    it were,   to   extend   the   period   of   the   Mass between   the   Eucharistic   Prayer   and   Holy   Communion,   so   that   we   can   offer   our   devotions   and prayers   to   the   risen   Christ   present   in   the   Sacrament   on   the   Altar.      At   the   end,   a   blessing   is bestowed with the consecrated Host.