The Parish Church of Saint Matthew Big Lamp ~ Newcastle
The Liturgy
Services this week (w/c 13 th  June)
Please   note   that   the   Government   has   made   the   wearing   of   face   masks   in   church mandatory from 8 th  August. For   the   protocol   for   attending   services   at   Saint   Matthew’s   during   the   pandemic,   click here .  Please read it before coming to church.
Sunday, 13 th June Monday, 14 th June Tuesday, 15 th June Wednesday, 16 th June Thursday, 17 th June Friday, 18 th June Saturday, 19 th  June Sunday, 20 th June Thursday, 24 th  June
Sunday XI Feria Feria S Richard of Chichester Feria Bernard Mizeki Feria Sunday XII Nativity of S John
Mass with music at 10.30am* Low Mass at 7.30pm Low Mass at 11.30am Low Mass at 6.30pm Low Mass at 9.45am Low Mass at 11.30am Low Mass at 10am Mass with music at 10.30am* Mass with music at 7.30pm*
* denotes streamed service
Prayer     is     offered     publicly     every     day     in     Saint Matthew’s.      We   have   decided   to   re-open   the   Liturgy to   congregations   and   you   would   be   welcome   to   join us.      However,   please   be   aware   that   the   Covid   safety measures   still   apply   and   must   be   strictly   observed.     The   link   to   the   measures   (“Protocol”)   can   be   found below. For   those   who   are   unable   to   attend   church   for   one reason   or   another,   the   principal   services   are   streamed live   and   the   streaming   can   be   accessed   through   this website on the streamed services page.   The   technology   is   a   wonderful   thing,   but   it   does   not replace    the    need    to    attend    Mass    when    we    can;    so please    do    hear    the    invitation    to    join    us    at    Saint Matthew’s.