The Parish Church of Saint Matthew Big Lamp ~ Newcastle
Where we are and how to get here
Saint   Matthew’s   sits   at   the   top   of   the   Westgate   Hill   just   off   the   junction   of   the   West   Road   and   Elswick   Road   in   Summerhill Street.      It   is   five   minutes’   walk   from   Saint   James   Metro   Station    (through   the   University);   or   ten   minutes’   walk   from Monument  (Metro) Station and Central Station  (mainline and Metro). Buses 10, 11 and 38  come up to Big Lamp from the City Centre.
Saint   Matthew’s   sits   within   the   Summerhill   Conservation   Area,   where   parking   restrictions   usually   apply .      If   you   arrive for a service or other event and park in Summerhill, be sure to ask for a parking permit at the door. If   you   are   coming   to   Saint   Matthew’s   by   car    from   outside   the   city,   is   probably   easiest   to   travel   along   the   A1,   turn   onto   the A184,   turn   left   onto   the   Redheugh   Bridge;   turn   left   again   into   Westmoreland   Road,   right   at   the   second   roundabout   into   Rye Hill   and   right   into   Houston   Street   (just   before   Saint   Paul’s   School).      At   the   end   of   Houston   Street,   turn   left   and   then   second right into Summerhill Street.  Saint Matthew’s is near the top of the road. Unfortunately,   owing   to   the   lie   of   the   land   on   which   it   is   built,   Saint   Matthew’s   is   quite   difficult   to   enter   for   people   with walking   disabilities.      There   are   four   steps   at   the   West   Door   and   lots   more   at   the   South   Door   (though   just   one   shallow   one   into the   Hall).      However,   we   have   a   ramp ,   which   can   very   quickly   be   put   in   place   at   the   West   Door   before   and   after   services   and other   events.      If   you   would   need   it   for   a   private   visit,   please   contact   the   Vicar   or   one   of   the   wardens;   and   we   shall   arrange   a time when it can be available to you.