The Parish Church of Saint Matthew Big Lamp ~ Newcastle
The Mass/Eucharist
For   I   received   from   the   Lord   what   I   also   delivered   to   you,   that   the   Lord   Jesus   on   the   night   when   he was   betrayed   took   bread,   and   when   he   had   given   thanks,   he   broke   it,   and   said,   "This   is   my   body which   is   for   you.   Do   this   in   remembrance   of   me."      In   the   same   way   also   the   cup,   after   supper, saying,    "This    cup    is    the    new    covenant    in    my    blood.    Do    this,    as    often    as    you    drink    it,    in remembrance   of   me."      For   as   often   as   you   eat   this   bread   and   drink   the   cup,   you   proclaim   the   Lord's death until he comes. I Corinthians 11: 23ff
The    Mass    is    the    central    act    of    worship    of    the    Christian    Church.        Before    He    died,    Jesus commanded   His   followers   to   continue   the   practice   of   a   shared   meal   with   the   blessing   of   bread and   a   cup   of   wine   in   thanksgiving   for   all   God's   blessings.      After   the   Resurrection,   Christians   were aware   that   in   the   celebration   of   the   Eucharist   (as   they   called   the   Mass),   Christ's   presence   was particularly   intense,   especially   in   the   elements   of   bread   and   wine   (which   Jesus   had   identified with   His   Body   and   Blood),   in   the   reading   of   Holy   Scripture   and   in   the   gathering   itself.      The   Mass is the greatest of the seven Sacraments of the Church. At   Saint   Matthew’s,   the   Mass   takes   one   of   a number of forms: The    High    Mass ,     which     is     celebrated     on Sundays    and    principal    festivals.        This    is    the fullest     form     of     the     Mass     with     developed ceremonial and predominantly sung. The    Sung    Mass,     which    is    celebrated    on festivals   of   a   rank   just   below   principal   days.      It is    a    slightly    simplified    version    of    the    High Mass.        Usually,    the    congregation    sits    in    the Chancel. The   Low   Mass ,   which   is   celebrated   on   the days,   which   are   not   important   festivals.      It   is   a   short   and   simple   form   of   the   Mass   with   no   singing.     It is usually celebrated at one of the side Altars. The   Requiem   Mass.       This   can   be   sung   or   said   and   is   used   when   we   are   praying   for   people   who have died.  Anyone can ask for a Requiem Mass to be celebrated. We   are   always   happy   to   welcome   people   to   our   celebrations   of   the   Mass.      Some   people   might   be present   in   spite   of   being   unsure   about   the   Faith.      If   you   wish   to   join   us   to   think   your   own thoughts,   we   welcome   you   in   the   same   way.      Anyone   who   is   a   communicant   and   in   good   standing with their own church is welcome to receive Communion at Mass.