The Parish Church of Saint Matthew Big Lamp ~ Newcastle
The Building - The Sacrament Chapel
Entering   the   church   through   the   West   door,   you   immediately   encounter   views   of   the   Sacrament   Chapel where   the   consecrated   elements   are   kept   in   the   Tabernacle   for   Communion   of   the   housebound   and private prayer.  Mass is said here during the week. This   Chapel   was   restored   in   2011.      At   that   time,   the Triptych   behind   the   Altar   was   installed   Painted   by   the Romanian   Icon   Artist,   Cristi   Paslaru,   the   central   panel depicts   the   Meal   at   Emmaus   at   which   according   to   the account   (Luke   24:   13   -   35),   Cleopas   and   his   companion recognised   Jesus   in   the   Breaking   of   Bread.      This   image sits    behind    the    Tabernacle and   draws   attention   to   the Presence    of    Christ    in    the consecrated elements.  The   two   doors   of   the   Triptych   depict   the   Archangel   Michael   on   the   left   and the Archangel Gabriel on the right. During Lent, a season of austere simplicity, the doors are closed. T he    picture   hanging   on   the   North   wall   is    a   detail   from   the   Sistine   Madonna   by   Raphael   (1483   -   1520)   finished   a   few   years   before   his   death   (probably around   1513/14).      The   original   hangs   in   the   Gemäldegalerie   Alte   Meister, Germany.