The Parish Church of Saint Matthew Big Lamp ~ Newcastle
Safeguarding at S Matthew’s
The   Safeguarding   Policy   at   S.   Matthew’s   Church   has   been   agreed   by   the   PCCs   and   is in   accordance   with   the   diocesan   and   national   legal   and   procedural   framework   for safeguarding children and adults, following Church of England policy and practice. The   Safeguarding   Policy   can   be   found   on   the   main   notice   board   at   the   back   of Church, in the church hall, and on the S. Matthew’s Church website.    Safeguarding    is    the    responsibility    of    all    church    members,    to    prevent    physical, mental,   emotional,   sexual,   financial   or   spiritual   abuse.      Any   suspected   abuse   will be reported . Safeguarding   is   at   the   heart   of   our   Christian   faith   and   we   commit   ourselves   to   care for   one   another,   ensuring   the   safety   and   wellbeing,   in   the   life   of   the   church,   of children   or   vulnerable   adults   who   may   be   at   risk.   This   also   reflects   upon   caring   for all in the community, and how people treat one another. Those   in   positions   of   trust   within   the   church,   have   completed   DBS   checks,   and     Safeguarding Training which is regularly updated. We   promote   safe   practice,   along   with   the   inclusion   and   empowerment   of   those   who are vulnerable, so they may pursue their faith journey in safety. Any concerns should be shared with the Vicar or Parish Safeguarding Officer.