The Parish Church of Saint Matthew Big Lamp ~ Newcastle
Safeguarding Policy
This   statement   has   been   adopted   by   the   Parish   of   S.   Matthew   with   S.   Mary,   S.   Philip   and   S.   Augustine   at   the Parochial Church Council meeting. As       members       of       this       Parish       we       commit       ourselves       to       care       for       one       another       safely.       We   recognise   that   everyone   has   different   levels   of   vulnerability   and   that   each   of   us   may   be   regarded   as   at   risk   at some time in our lives. We commit ourselves to: the   safeguarding   of   people   who   may   be   at   risk,   ensuring   their   well-being   in   the   life   of   this   church,   and activities in the Church Hall promoting safe practice by those in positions of trust. promoting the inclusion and empowerment of people who may be at risk. recruit safely, following recognised procedures supporting,   resourcing,   training   and   regularly   reviewing   those   who   undertake   work   with   children,   young people and adults, who might be at risk. It   is   the   responsibility   of   each   of   us   to   prevent   physical,   emotional,   sexual,   financial   and   spiritual   abuse.   We   will report any abuse that we discover or suspect. We agree to work within the guidelines of the Church of England and the Diocese. Each   person   who   works   within   this   church   community   will   agree   to   abide   by   this   policy   and   the   guidelines established by this church. This   church   has   appointed   Margaret   Evans   as   the   Parish   Safeguarding   Officer,   DBS Administrator   and   Children’s Advocate. This policy is reviewed each year by the Parochial Church Council and re-affirmed at the Annual Meeting. Vicar:                      Richard G. S. Deadman Churchwardens :     S. Matthew’s  - Anne Stewart, Marion Taylor                                S. Philip’s - Joyce  Lowery May 2020