The Parish Church of Saint Matthew Big Lamp ~ Newcastle
The Nearly New Shop
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After   much   hard   work   in   the   last   few   weeks   to   prepare   goods   and   ensure   that   the   shop   is   able   to   comply   with   Health   and   Safety protocols,      the   Nearly   New   Shop   will   re-open   on   MONDAY   AND   WEDNESDAY   MORNINGS   ONLY    at   present,   from 10.00am   until   12   noon .      Various   systems   are   in   place   to   protect   all.      Visitors   and   volunteers   are      required   to   wear   face coverings,   sanitise   hands,      adhere   to   social   distancing,   and   use   a   one   way   system   within   the   shop.      Should   there   be   further restrictions leading to closure, notification will be given on the website. The   Nearly   New   Shop   is   located   in   a   room   in   the   Church   Hall   in   Summerhill   Street.      It   not   only   a   way   of   generating   income   for Saint      Matthew’s.   Volunteers   from   the   congregations   staff   the   shop,   aiming   to   provide   a   friendly,   and   valuable   service   to   the local   community.      People   not   only   come   to   look,   buy   or   donate   goods,   but   also   to   drop   in   for   a   chat.      Prices   are   extremely reasonable;   stock   is   frequently   updated   and   there   are   sometimes   special   offers   and   unusual   items.      Donations   of   stock   are brought,   or   are   collected   by   us,   from   as   far   afield   as   Edinburgh,   Otterburn,   Hexham,   the   Coast,   Bedlington   and      Sedgefield,   in addition to those from local individuals and other church congregations within the Newcastle area. We   are   always   keen   to   receive   donations,   and   welcome   clothes,   footwear,   handbags,   bags,   luggage,   bric-a-brac,   ornaments, cutlery,   crockery,   kitchenware,   bed   linen,   table   linen,   towels,   curtains,   cushions,   small   items   of   furniture   (ie.   coffee   table,   stool etc.)   tools,   toys,   games,   books,   baby,   gardening   or   pet   items.      Unsold   items,   are   collected   by   a   company,   which   provides   an additional revenue.  Good quality unsold stock is taken to other charity shops in the area, so nothing is wasted.