The Parish Church of Saint Matthew Big Lamp ~ Newcastle
Streamed Services
From   21 st    September,   we   are   hoping   to   stream   some   of   our   services.      Initially,   these   will   be recorded   and   then   put   up   onto   the   internet;   but   we   hope   that,   in   due   course,   we   shall   be   able   to stream   them   live.      Please   be   aware   that   this   is   an   odyssey   of   discovery   for   us   and   there   may   well be   some   hitches   along   the   way;   as   well   as   things   we   try   to   improve   as   time   goes   by.      To   assist people in following the service, the text will be provided on this page.
Mass for Saints Simon and Jude  - 28 th October at 7.30pm
Mass for All Saints’ Day  - 1 st  November at 10.30am - Starts streaming at 10.25am*
* We think we know how to do this: we shall know for sure just after 10.25am