The Parish Church of Saint Matthew Big Lamp ~ Newcastle
The Southwest corner
Westward    of    the    Chapel    is    the    South    door.        The flight    of    steps,    which    is    half    of    the    ascent,    since there    are    more    outside    the    door,    indicates    the gradient   of   the   slope   on   which   the   church   is   built.     Above   the   door   is   a   window   depicting   scenes   from the Nativity by Stanley Murray Scott.  Adjacent   to   the   door,   next   to   the   entrance   to   the   stairs   leading   to   the roof   is   a   crucifix   which   was   formerly   the   Rood   at   S   Philips,   having been     brought     back     from     Oberammagau     by     members     of     the congregation.  Underneath   the   Crucifix   is   a   second   war   memorial.      This   came   from   the   former   Saint   Wilfrid's church.      It   was   installed   in   Saint   Matthew's   in   2018,   having   been   discovered   in   a   garden   shed.      The photograph   is   of   Robert   Potts   (b   1894)   of   the   Durham   Light   Infantry   (2 nd    Battallion),   who   was killed   in   action   at   the   Battle   of   Hooge   on   9 th    August   1915.      He   is   named   on   the   memorial   and picture was left by his family when they came to view the restored memorial. On Remembrance Sunday, we sing a Mass of Requiem for those who fell in the World Wars.