The Parish Church of Saint Matthew Big Lamp ~ Newcastle
The Parish
Saint   Matthew’s   is   the   home   for   the   four   former   parishes   of   Saint   Philip   (Elswick),   Saint   Augustine   (Brighton   Grove),   Saint Matthew   (Big   Lamp)   and   Saint   Mary   the   Virgin   (Rye   Hill).      Technically,   the   parishes   of   Saints   Philip   &   Augustine   and   Saint Matthew   with   Saint   Mary   the   Virgin   remain   two   separate   parishes;   but   for   the   most   part   we   work   very   closely   together.      The parishes are held in plurality and comprise a single benefice. The   Parish   is   part   of   the   Anglican   Diocese   of   Newcastle,    within   the   Archdeaconry   of   Northumberland   and   at   the   Eastern edge   of   the   Newcastle   West   Deanery.      The   Big   Lamp   is   a   location   where   the   West   Road   intersects   with   Elswick   Road,   Diana Street   and   some   other   smaller   roads   (including   Summerhill   Street).      There   was   originally   a   large   street   lamp   (the   Big   Lamp )   at this   intersection.      The   benefice   extends   from   Westgate   Hill   up   to   the   fringes   of   the   former   General   Hospital   site;   and   from   the   river over to Barrack Road.  The boundaries of the parishes meander around as is often the case in cities. The   demography   of   the   benefice   is   very   diverse   in   almost   every   possible   way.      The   congregations   are   drawn   from   across   the   city and well beyond.  We also enjoy considerable support from people, who are not formally members of our congregations. The   theological   perspectives   of   the   church   are   firmly   Anglo-Catholic   (a   Catholic   interpretation   of   the   Anglican   heritage).      All   that we   do   is   rooted   in   the   prayer   offered   day   by   day   in   the   parish   church.      We   say   that   we   aspire   to   be   a   Eucharistic   Community,   which means   that   we   try   to   embody   the   character   of   community   inherent   in   and   expressed   by   the   celebration   of   the   Mass,   which   takes place daily in Saint Matthew’s.